Requests and bookings for meetings via the meetago group platform (meetago/ are automatically transmitted with a note on the special consideration of health & safety and infection protection requirements. Hotels with particularly high hygiene standards are marked with the “Hygiene +” label. Hotels can display their hygiene concepts in the hotel profile.

The meetago group has launched a set of measures for secure meetings in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim is to provide meeting bookers with maximum transparency about hygiene and protection measures in conference hotels in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and in particular to create confidence that meetings can be held safely in these times.

The package of measures includes the following items:

When meeting requests are sent to hotels, they are automatically transmitted with the information that the offering hotel must pay particular attention to compliance with the applicable occupational health and safety as wll as infection prevention regulations when staging the event. By submitting an offer, the hotel inquired for agrees to this obligation.

The “Hygiene +” label is used to identify hotels that have taken particularly high measures to protect their guests and employees. In order to obtain the “Hygiene +” label, the hotel must either be certified by an official body or commit itself to comparable strict measures. Meeting planners can filter the search result lists for hotels that meet the “Hygiene +” standards. This offer does not involve any additional costs for hotel partners.

Hotels have the option of presenting their hygiene concepts in their hotel profile on the meetago platform. Meeting planners can view the information in the hotel profile at ” Standards & Specials”.

“After many weeks of uncertainty, we are fortunately seeing signs of relaxation when it comes to meetings. With the measures presented today we would like to offer our corporate customers a high degree of transparency and security on the one hand. At the same time, our hotel partners should be able to show their guests how responsibly they deal with the situation”. Oliver May, Executive VP Sales of the meetago group, summarizes the measures. “We are convinced that after many weeks of ‘social distancing’, personal encounters in the context of a meeting or an event are very important and valuable, even when hygiene measures are respected. Because personal interaction is still the most efficient way of communication.”