Release 17.06.2020

Solution version 1.4

The current solution version contains the following new features:


Finalization of the consolidation of technologies and frameworks

The live environment now contains all technical adjustments resulting from the “Action Phase”.


Overnight stays for events lasting several days

In the case of a request for several days, the requested rooms are stored as individual days and not for the entire period.
Thus, for example, the cancellation of an overnight stay date from a request of several days becomes much easier to handle for the user.

Conferences & Meetings:


Guest Rooms & Group Travel:



Alternative Login

Now the mee7 environment offers the possibility to show the user an alternative Log In Text instead of a Log In area.


This function is mainly used when users access the portal exclusively via SSO and must be activated and configured individually at private label level.

If you are interested in this function, please contact our Key Account Management:



Online Offer Comparison

Der Online Angebotsvergleich erfolgt nun via iframe.


Sorting by Status in the Record Overview

In the detailed view of the process, the different offers of the hotels are sorted by status in the following order

1. status -> Wait
2. status -> Offer
3. status -> Requested
4. status -> Cancelled by the hotel
5. status -> Canceled by user
6. status -> Cancelled (request cancelled by user)


Several bugs were fixed